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What’s it Worth?

Have 1 to 3 items and you want to know what they are worth?

At Kuehnert Appraisal & Consulting, we offer a variety of different appraisal types, dependent on your needs.  Examples of our services include:


Estate planning appraisals are an important part of the planning required for estate probate. Some common reasons for an estate appraisal include tax liability purposes, creating a trust, valuing gifts and determining equitable distribution.  The need will determine the specific type of appraisal assignment. 


A divorce appraisal may be required when there is a variation in values claimed by either party involved in the process.  The aim of the appraisal is to divide up the assets in an equitable manner.  The benefits of a mutually agreed upon personal property appraisal include faster and easier negotiations, irrefutable asset costs and reduced costs and time spent on litigation.


Kuehnert Appraisal & Consulting conforms to IRS requirements for any required donation appraisal.  For non-cash charitable donation of goods where the total market value exceeds $5,000, the IRS requires an appraisal to be conducted by a professional appraiser for any tax reduction claims


A liquidation appraisal is used to assess liquidation value.  This takes into account the fact that a sale may be forced in a shorter timescale and the impact this has on asset value.


We are able to prepare an insurance appraisal for the scheduling of insurance coverage, loss or damage.


A damage claims appraisal may be required when there is a dispute over insurance pay-out values or when there is a disagreement about whether to repair or replace.


A bankruptcy appraisal can be used to assess both companies and individuals.  Attorneys or the courts will utilize this type of appraisal to determine the value of the person or corporation at the point of bankruptcy.


The aim of our formal written reports is to create an accurate catalog that protects you and your property.  Every item of property within the report will be examined, noted, measured and photographed.  We will also conduct thorough research as required to identify marks and labels, locate similar items, investigate appropriate markets and consult experts if necessary.

Our formal reports contain the following:

  • Cover letter
  • Title page
  • Main report explaining the value type or purpose and how the appraisal is to be used
  • The scope of work
  • Methodology and resources relied upon
  • Market analysis and markets selected
  • Complete and accurate description of the property along with color images and values assigned
  • Limiting conditions
  • Appraiser’s certification
  • Appraiser’s qualifications
  • Annex of selected research

Verbal reports are used to save time and often take the form of a “walkthrough” of a property.  In all cases, we will still keep written files as per Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP) guidelines.

As Kuehnert Appraisal & Consulting is a member of the International Society of Appraisers, we ensure that all appraisals are created in compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices.