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What’s it Worth?

Have 1 to 3 items and you want to know what they are worth?

Liquidation appraisals for personal property are often required to access the value of assets that may need to be liquidated for personal reasons.

Some of these circumstances may include: divorce, foreclosure, bankruptcy or other personal reasons.

When faced with the need to acquire a liquidation appraisal there are several considerations; the market, the method of sale and the reason for liquidation.  This can often be tedious or confusing.  If you are searching for a Houston liquidation appraiser, Kuehnert Appraisal and Consulting is your best choice.  We assist our clients during all phases of the appraisal process and often continue through the liquidation process.  Having years of experience allows us to make recommendations to make the process
as painless as possible.

Liquidation value generally represents the amount of money that would be obtained when converting property to cash within a defined time period and considering a particular market or method of sale, regardless of the type of property, the reason for liquidation, or whether the sale is considered to be forced or orderly.


We offer unique services due to our 25 years of experience in the valuation and auction field.  Our experience includes ownership and managerial positions in a local auction house assisting many clients in the liquidation process.  Our experience gained during the thousands of interactions with clients in the auction industry will transfer to the appraisal world.  We are reliable, trustworthy and keep all matters strictly confidential.

Because we are members of the ISA and comply with USPAP, we are held to the highest standards.  Because we are experts in antiques, fine art, furniture, collectibles, silver, porcelain and many other valuables, we can provide your liquidation appraisal and guide you through the process.  At the conclusion of the process you will be confident your matter has been handled correctly.


Please contact us today should you need a liquidation appraisal and we will gladly contact you.  We serve the Greater Houston, Harris County and other nearby areas.  We will be prompt, efficient and timely when assisting you.  If you are in need of a liquidation appraisal,  please contact us today and we will respond quickly.

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