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What’s it Worth?

Have 1 to 3 items and you want to know what they are worth?

Kuehnert Appraisal & Consulting are qualified fine art appraiser.  Our competence in this area combines knowledge and experience with understanding the market and trends.  Contact us if you require a fine art appraisal.


As Houston art appraisal experts, we will meet with you to discuss your fine art.  We will ask for any provenance or information which you may have.  At this time the inspection and appraisal process will be described and explained.


Kuehnert Appraisal & Consulting are experts in the field of fine art appraisal.  The inspection process will be timely yet thorough.  Through both our twenty-five year career assisting hundreds of clients with their personal possessions and training we understand how to handle your fine art.


Research is very important in fine art appraisal.  Kuehnert Appraisal & Consulting will completely and thoroughly research all aspects of your fine art.  This will ensure credible fine art appraisal report results.


Kuehnert Appraisal & Consulting is your trusted fine art appraisal source. Contact us today.

Don’t let the idea of appraising your fine art stress you out or overwhelm you. Hire Kuenhert’s fine art appraisal services and we’ll help you. We’re timely, efficient, accurate, reliable, and experienced. At the end of the appraisal process, we’ll leave you feeling comfortable and relieved because you got the best price possible while having to do no work.

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