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What’s it Worth?

Have 1 to 3 items and you want to know what they are worth?

The primary purpose of a damage claim appraisal is to provide an opinion of value to the damaged property. This opinion of value is typically one of fair market or replacement value. During a damage claim appraisal all details such as wear and tear will be noted as relates to the condition of the property, documentation is made and photographs taken.

Comparative analysis is used during the research process This is necessary so that the value of the property can be maximized making certain the insured is fully compensated after a damage claim.

After the damage claim appraisal is completed the client is provided with two copies of the appraisal which contains the value conclusion together with the appropriate photographs.

At Kuehnert Appraisal and Consulting we’re appraisers for antiques, fine art, furniture and other personal collections. We understand the sensitivity involved when dealing with a damage claim appraisal.


Our 25 years of experience in the auction and valuation industry allows us to provide our clients with the appropriate appraisal information. We understand the information required. Additionally we are prompt, timely and efficient which will save time and money. We specialize in antiques, fine art, furniture, silver, porcelain and collectibles.

We are well positioned to offer accurate appraisals for a wide variety of personal property handled with complete confidentiality. As a member of the International Society of Appraisers and USPAP compliant, we are held to the highest standards.


We proudly serve the Greater Houston and surrounding areas. We’re always available to help new and existing clients with whatever type of appraisals they need. Should you be in need of a damage claims appraisal, Kuehnert Appraisal and Consulting is your best choice. Contact us today.

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