Why Hire A USPAP Compliant Appraiser – And What Is USPAP?

Many times a new client comes to me with little to no experience with an appraiser. One of the first questions I am always asked about is my experience. And while I do have decades in the auction and appraisal industries, I always let potential clients know that besides experience, it is always preferable to […]

Generation X and Baby Boomers – Tip To Manage An Estate Liquidation

Today’s shifting demographics, tastes and habits are impacting the processing of modest estates. This blog will explain why it is becoming more challenging to sell long-held “prized possessions” or other items in your parent’s estate. I will explain why many heirlooms and other items perceived initially as valuable, in fact, hold modest value. Finally, I […]

What Estate Planners Should Know When Needing An Appraiser

As an estate appraiser with many years of experience, I am often asked the same questions about appraisers. In this blog, I will go over some points and answers to questions I have been asked. Aren’t All Estate Appraisers The Same? No. Not all appraisers are the same. Appraisers come in all size and shapes […]

2017 A Year To Get Your Estate in Order – And Professionally Appraised

Estate Planning Certified Appraiser

Estate Planning Is Essential All too often I am faced with the task of appraising an Estate because of a passing of an elderly parent. Or someone who met an untimely or unexpected death. Regardless of the circumstances of a loved one’s passing the extended family, the better structured and designed an estate is, the […]

Fine Art & Estate Planning

Estate Planning With Fine Art

Disclaimer: Kuehnert Appraisal & Consulting is neither a tax consultancy nor a law firm, and accordingly, we do not offer tax or legal advice. This blog is intended to educate readers about some of the aspects of fine art and estate planning valuation. Kuehnert Appraisal always recommends consulting with your estate or tax attorney for […]

The Houston Fine Arts & Antique Scene

Houston Antique Art Scene

 While Houston is known around the globe as the energy capital of the world, NASA, its rodeo and of course great BBQ, Houston is also home to a vibrant and growing antique and fine arts community. It should come as no surprise given that Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States and […]

The Antique Appraisals Compass

Antique Appraisals Compass

So you have been rummaging through the attic after watching Antiques Roadshow or digging into closets after seeing a pawn shop show on T.V. thinking, “I might have that item I just saw – or one similar to it. I could have a real find!” Or perhaps you are about to inherit property that likely […]

When Appraisals Are Needed


While it is natural for people to avoid potentially uncomfortable and stressful life events, they do happen.  As Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said “into each life some rain must fall” and sometimes it can seem like it’s pouring.  It is at these times (the 4Ds) when a seasoned professional property appraiser and estate appraiser can help […]

Fine Art Appraiser Answers: What is Frieze?

Kuehnert Appraisal & Consulting

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a “frieze” is a “narrow strip of decoration, often cut from stone or wood and usually placed at the top of a wall.” It’s also interesting to note that there is a related definition of frieze. A “Frieze Group” is a mathematical concept, defined by Wikipedia as a system “to […]