What’s it Worth?

Have 1 to 3 items and you want to know what they are worth?

At Kuehnert Appraisal & Consulting we are happy to offer our services, whether you need personal property appraisal for a single item or an entire estate.  Our years of experience in the industry have allowed us to see an extremely wide range of items and offer us a unique ability to value any item.

Fine Art Appraiser

Kuehnert Appraisal & Consulting delivers professional fine art appraisals. Our competence in this area combines knowledge and passion with understanding the art markets, trends and management requirements. Contact us if you require a fine art appraiser.

Fine China Appraiser

We can offer our services as a fine china appraiser to ensure that your collection is valued correctly.  We will catalog and photograph all items, as well as annotate with comments relating to their condition and distinguishing marks.  If you need a fine china appraiser, Kuehnert Appraisal & Consulting can help.

Antique Furniture

If you require an antique furniture appraiser then we can help.  We have a deep knowledge of the markets, manufacturer and values of many pieces.  We know what to look out for and how to determine the value of individual items or entire collections.  Contact us for your antique furniture appraiser requirements.

Other Items

We can conduct a personal property appraisal on collections and estates which incorporate many different types of valuable items.  Our experience as an antique appraiser has given us a broad knowledge of items and their respective values.


In addition to the areas above, we have the in-house skill to carry out a personal property appraisal on the below:

  • Decorative art
  • China, crystal or silverware
  • Residential contents
  • Other collectibles

Thorough Research

Kuehnert Appraisal & Consulting uses a variety of tools for research insuring correct appraisal results.


A Network of Experts

Having many years of experience in the antiques, auction and valuation world Kuehnert Appraisal & Consulting has a vast group of experienced experts whom we are able to consult with when the need arises.


We use the appropriate tools necessary to be certain we provide the most accurate appraisal possible.